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+Paul Platt
Brisbane, Australia
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Saturday 5-18 4pm PST

+Paul Platt
I'm a Musician. A solo acoustic guitarist / vocalist.
A Singer Songwriter and an Independent Artist.

As your on my G+ profile it's easier to describe myself firstly as one of the many Singer Songwriters that have been involved in the Google HOA over the past 12 months exploring and entertaining with my original music. In a nut shell: I hope you get to know me through my original music:) Before this ....

Briefly as I can ....
My working life started in a workshop enviroment as an apprentice Coach and Motor Body Refinisher. I learnt how to paint and colour match all manner of vehicles, motorcycles and guitar bodys etc. Anything artistic I felt drawn toward I would experiment with happily trialing various techniques always pushing into areas that challenged my interests. I mention this work because I'm proud of the technical and hands on skills that I gained. I still enjoy using them on various hobby projects that I may want to customise in my home workshop. I like to tinker and fix things too.

The passion for playing and performing music grew so much that I turned my full attention into forming working duos and bands These days I mostly prefer the solo / singer songwriter side of things. Another great period for me began whilst living on the Gold Coast (Qld) I had the opportunity to work in the movie and TV industry.This was an incredible learning experience for me and I enjoyed being a part of it.

Just a point I'd like to mention is that I have arrived late to social media and not wanting to let it pass me by have tried with the help of longsuffering friends to learn and keep up as I go however I may not always get it right . ATM I'm enjoying this G+ social experience so if you would like to know more detail about me come and say hi ! I would be happy if you add me to either or any of these links... not forgetting G+ Cheers :)


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