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+Cecilee Linke
Hampton Roads, VA
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#8 Saturday 3-30-2013 10am PST

+Cecilee Linke
I am a writer, musician, French tutor, and an amateur seamstress.

I have always done music in some form or another. I played clarinet in the school band, I sang in the high school choir (alto 2, though I'm really more of a mezzo-soprano), and began teaching myself how to play piano about two years ago. I released some songs under the pen name Ann Feld in 2010, but after about two years of doing music under that name, I decided to forgo it and make it easier by doing stuff under my real name Cecilee, which is more unique anyway!

I rereleased my last album as Ann Feld under my real name Cecilee and it is available on iTunes. It's called Simplicity. It's my girl and a piano album, very different from the synthy pop I'm getting into now!

And when I'm not doing music, I am a writer. I wrote my first young adult novel called Elodie and Heloise, available on Amazon Kindle, a labor of love truly! And I'm editing an English translation of a French novel called Dominique by the obscure French author Eugène Fromentin. It's a novel from 1862, so the language is VERY flowery and the sentences are long, but it's so beautifully written and has a really engaging, psychological story that I think anglophones (English speakers) will really enjoy. That translation will be released in the spring. I'm about 12 chapters away from having it completely edited and ready for public consumption!

I am also a French tutor. So if you want to learn French, just message me and I can set up online Skype lessons or, if you're in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, in person lessons.

And when I'm not doing any of those things, I am teaching myself how to sew. One day I'll set up an Etsy store, but only once I become better at it! :)

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And lastly, my writing/music site is at http://www.cecilee.net
and my Bandcamp page is http://cecilee.bandcamp.com
where you can also listen to my tunes! :-)

Bragging rights
Can speak French fluently; have been on French TV; published a young adult novel called Elodie and Heloise; and my first dress design was done after only knowing how to sew for less than a year


Google+ - YouTube - Twitter - SoundCloud - ReverbNation - Cecilee.Bandcamp

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